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Give your customers quality they can trust for safe and effective support.

Unlock the power of exceptional healthcare solutions with our health products, available at your trusted wholesale partners. We exclusively align ourselves with highly trained, licensed professionals who are passionate about assisting independent retailers like you in enriching your product offerings.
We understand the challenges faced by independent retailers in sourcing quality healthcare products. That's why we're committed to making the process smoother and more beneficial for you. The wholesalers we trust stand ready to assist in bolstering your inventory with high-demand, trusted health products.

If you're an independent retailer exploring the potential to elevate your stock with quality medicines, or if you're already a partner seeking further information, we invite you to reach out to our trusted wholesalers. Ask them about available offerings from Tara Pharmaceuticals. ​The wholesalers we supply are more than just wholesalers - they are seasoned professionals dedicated to your success.

Choosing from among our leading health products means choosing a committed partner in your retail journey. We're not just supplying products; we're building relationships founded on trust and mutual growth. Let us help you deliver the best to your customers and propel your retail business to new heights.

Join leading pharmacies in making our products your preferred choice today.



The Independent Choice

"Our approach is intrinsically collaborative and the business works together with all of our stakeholders – customers, partners, suppliers and the public sector, including government."

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For Pharmacy, By Pharmacy, With Excellence

"For decades, Alpha Pharm's core team has been very conscious of maintaining cutting edge competitiveness through years of an ever-changing health care context in South Africa."



A Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

"Our roots remain in the wholesale supply of pharmaceutical products to independent pharmacies. The expansion into various other retail sectors is as the result of consumer demand, but we remain focused on being a vital link in the supply chain which enables businesses to streamline their operations and underpin this with customer excellence."



Welcome to the S Buys Group

"We are the link between your business and suppliers. We strive to deliver on our promise of reliability and service, giving you (our customer - doctor, pharmacy, hospital) more time to devote to achieving good health outcomes for your patients and customers."

Thank you for choosing Tara Pharmaceuticals and supporting a network of reliable healthcare administrators in South Africa. Please subscribe to our mailing list for more information and future updates.

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