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Tara Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd uses industry-leading GxP compliant systems for quality control and adherence to the highest possible standards.

Gut-brain Axis

We firmly champion the connection between gut and brain health.

At the heart of our mission, we meticulously formulate products to nurture and enhance multiple facets of holistic human health.

Your wellness is our focus.

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Immune Function

We are staunch advocates for robust immune health.


At the core of our endeavor, we craft products designed to strengthen and support various aspects of your body's natural defense system.

Your immunity is our priority.

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Health Products

Each of our products is subjected to rigorous scientific research.

Ensuring they are consistently up-to-date with the latest standards.


We are committed to delivering dependable health benefits that you can trust.

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Reliable Benefits

Through rigorous and comprehensive research, we've curated a specialized range of products.


Our unwavering commitment to exceptional care underpins every product we create, meeting and exceeding our stringent quality benchmarks.

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Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, we don't merely contribute to progress, we become the driving force that propels it forward.

We Believe In Considering All Factors

We revel in the transparency that comes with our success. Professional quality in health products, whether conventional or complementary medicines, are underpinned by robust scientific support for safe and effective use. That's why we place high importance on advancements in our field, such as new encapsulation technology and other innovative pharmaceutical dosage forms.


Our unique formulations are the cornerstone of our success, and our products are designed with an aim for targeted and safe delivery of the key ingredients for effective support. This ensures that every dose you take is effective for its intended purpose as well as safe when used as directed.


Being as effective as it is safe can be considered an important feature of any medicine. This remain true even for health supplements that are presumed to be very low risk. Which is why we take pride in sharing every detail about our blends and product characteristics, empowering our customers with knowledge. We believe that you, as the end-user, have the right to fully understand exactly what you're investing in - the specific ratios of blends and the tested and certified purity of substances which you are introducing into your body.


We believe families are the heart of our industry when it comes to healthcare. Because it's your body, it's your mind, and it's your overall health, and that of your loved ones, that matter. We envision a future of medicine guided by transparent marketing and informed choices. For this reason, we passionately adhere to the principle that when it comes to your health, there should be no secrets kept from you.


This commitment to transparency extends to choices we make across our supply chain, relying only on quality systems which strictly comply with GxP standards.

We invite you to read more and discover how our commitment to staying audit-ready as well as never compromising on quality specifications keeps us at the forefront of health solution developments. Knowledge is power, and we're here to share that power with you.

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