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Progast® Colon Cleanse Capsules: Embracing Gentle Laxative Benefits for Digestive Harmony

At Tara Pharmaceuticals, we recognize the importance of a healthy digestive system in achieving overall wellness. Progast® Colon Cleanse Capsules offer a reliable and gentle laxative experience, promoting regular bowel movements and supporting digestive harmony. Let's explore the profound benefits of each thoughtfully selected ingredient and understand how they work together to ensure digestive comfort. What's inside each capsule of Progast® Colon Cleanse?

  1. Magnesium Oxide [200 mg]: Benefits: Magnesium is essential for proper muscle function, including the muscles of the digestive tract. It aids in promoting healthy bowel movements and supporting digestive regularity.

  2. Aloe Ferox Mill. (Cape Aloe) Powder [150 mg, Leaf]: Benefits: Cape Aloe is a natural laxative known for its gentle yet effective action in supporting bowel movements. It aids in relieving occasional constipation and promoting digestive health.

  3. Senna Alexandrina Mill. (Senna) Powder [125 mg, Leaf, 20% Sennosides extract]: Benefits: Senna is an herbal laxative that stimulates bowel movements and provides gentle relief from occasional constipation. It aids in promoting digestive regularity.

  4. Curcuma Longa L. (Turmeric) [80 mg, Root]: Benefits: Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, promoting digestive comfort and reducing discomfort.

  5. Malus Domestica Borkh (Apple) Pectin [30 mg, Fruit]: Benefits: Apple pectin adds dietary fiber, supporting healthy digestion and promoting gut health.

  6. Citrus Bioflavonoids [20 mg, Fruit extract, standardized to 13% Flavonoids]: Benefits: Citrus bioflavonoids provide antioxidant support, protecting the digestive system from oxidative stress.

  7. Rheum × Hybridum Murray (Rhubarb) [20 mg, Root, 5:1 extract]: Benefits: Rhubarb root supports regular bowel movements, aiding in cleansing the colon and promoting digestive well-being.

The Progast® Colon Cleanse Capsules bring together these potent natural ingredients to offer a gentle and reliable laxative experience. The harmonious blend of these elements ensures that your digestive system functions smoothly, providing comfort and promoting a healthy gut.

Note: Before introducing Progast® Colon Cleanse Capsules into your routine, it is advisable to seek guidance from your healthcare professional, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications.


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