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Optimize Your Healthcare Objectives
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Say no to inflammation!

Optimize Digestive Wellness Today:
Take charge of your health journey with Progast®'s complementary medicine products. Embrace the power of inflammation-fighting support and embark on a path to enhanced digestive comfort and vitality.

Embrace Inflammation-Fighting Benefits:
Discover how Progast® Butyrate Complex and FloraCare Plus work in harmony to support gut integrity, modulate inflammation, and foster a balanced gut microbiome.

Cleanse and Revitalize:
Progast® Colon Cleanse removes waste and toxins, while FloraCare Plus ensures a balanced gut environment, reducing inflammation-related discomfort and supporting overall wellness.

Soothe and Support:
Experience the soothing effects of herbal extracts while Progast® Proliver Ultra enhances liver detoxification, reducing inflammation and promoting digestive vitality.

Consult with Experts:
Always consult with healthcare professionals to tailor your regimen based on your unique needs. Progast® is your partner in achieving digestive wellness and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Experience the Progast® Difference. Start Your Journey Today.


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Why Choose Progast®?

Innovative Tincture and Distinctive Phyto-Biotic Particle Suspension:

  • Every bottle of Progast Multi-targeted Action Drops stands out from other products on the market due to its unique phytobiotic particle suspension. These particles are visibly identifiable. It's important to check your bottle and to remember if it doesn't say Progast® on the lable, then it's not the a genuine Progast® brand.

  • These particles, along with the rest of the tincture, serves a dual purpose. It provides important phytobiotic benefits and carries a unique blend of prebiotic nourishment that promotes the growth of probiotics in the gut. The inclusion of this suspension in every bottle of Progast® is an important characteristic, while the phytobiotics support your immune system and further promote digestive health and overall well-being.

Premixed Synbiotic Formula with Delayed Release:

  • Progast® FloraCare Plus™ is a unique synbiotic with added vitamins, minerals, and phytotherapeutic ingredients. Its unique synbiotic formula combines prebiotics (substances that nourish beneficial gut bacteria) with probiotics (live beneficial bacteria). This synergistic approach can optimize gut health by promoting the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms.

  • The premixed synbiotic nature of the ingredients and the delayed-release capsules not only eliminate the need for separate supplementation of prebiotics and probiotics, but also provides additional advantages over more expensive alternatives.

  • With a synbiotic formula that is capable of being premixed, using robust, simplified, and effective delayed-release capsules, there's no need for you to rely on overly intricate or exaggerated alternatives that are overpriced and overhyped. This enables you to make an informed decision and sidestep costly alternatives. Despite their best intentions, natural fluctuations in stomach acid levels may still thwart the delivery of encapsulation that may appear complex but may not be proportionally effective to the cost. Experience brings insight, such as recognizing that replacing complexity with a simpler yet superior solution can result in more favorable outcomes.

  • Additionally, the synbiotic formula also contains phytotherapeutic ingredients, vitamins, and minerals for immune support. Making it more than just another prebiotic or probiotic combintation. This not only simplifies the regimen for users who want immune support and a more balanced gut ecosystem, but the unique formulation overcomes the redundancy of encapsulation methods that are not affordable to a broader market.

HPMC Transparent, Prompt-Release Capsules:

  • These capsules dissolve quickly in the stomach, releasing their contents promptly. This ensures efficient and timely delivery of the active ingredients within Progast® Proliver Ultra™ and Progast® Colon Cleanse™ to the digestive system for immediate action.

  • This prompt release is particularly important for these Progast® formulations in promoting digestive health, where rapid absorption and action are desired.

  • HPMC stands for Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, which is an inert and biocompatible polymer derived from plant cellulose. This ensures that the capsule itself is also plant-based.

HPMC Delayed Release (DR) Capsules:

  • Delayed-release capsules are designed to withstand stomach acid and release the synbiotic contents of Progast® FloraCare Plus™ and the key ingredients of Progast® Butyrate Complex™ in the intestines, for targeted delivery rather than letting the benefits go to waste.

How Progast® Works?

Progast® works to achieve holistic wellness in every drop. But it's also about helping people with inflammation-fighting benefits that happen to also support liver health for vitality and makes a path to gentle detoxification possible. Progast® also works to put the power back in your hands, whether it's an affordable synbiotic with phytotherapeutic properties, vitamins, and minerals, to nurture your gut ecosystem or to support immune function and promote overall wellbeing.

Progast® Multi-targeted Action™ Drops:
The Progast® Multi-targeted Action™ Drops redefine liquid supplements. A fusion of herbal extracts, from slippery elm to chamomile, synergizes to support respiratory health, digestion, and more. This carefully crafted blend is a testament to the power of nature's richness. Each drop delivers a dose of phytobiotics, contributing to your holistic well-being.

Progast® Colon Cleanse™ Capsules:
Your gut deserves a reset, and Progast® Colon Cleanse™ Capsules offer just that. Magnesium oxide gently supports bowel regularity, promoting digestive comfort. Aloe Ferox and Senna alexandrina provide a natural approach to cleansing, while curcumin aids in soothing inflammation. The inclusion of apple pectin and citrus bioflavonoids adds prebiotic benefits, setting the stage for a balanced gut environment.

Progast® Proliver Ultra™:
The liver is a vital organ responsible for detoxification and metabolic processes. Progast® Proliver Ultra™ is meticulously formulated to support liver health. Milk thistle and artichoke extracts provide powerful antioxidant effects, while choline supports lipid metabolism. The synergy of ginger, dandelion, and other botanicals enhances overall liver function. Encapsulation technology ensures precise delivery, optimizing the benefits of this formula for your liver's well-being.

Progast® FloraCare Plus™ Capsules:
When probiotics and prebiotics dance in harmony, the gut rejoices. Progast® FloraCare Plus™ Capsules combine a robust probiotic blend with prebiotic fibers, cultivating a thriving gut microbiome. This dynamic duo supports immune function, digestion, and overall vitality. Herbal extracts like ginger and artichoke further enhance digestive wellness, while zinc and selenium fortify your body's defenses.

Progast® Butyrate Complex™ Capsules:
The Progast® Butyrate Complex™ Capsules stand as a testament to the power of precision. Sodium 3-hydroxybutyrate, a form of butyrate, takes the spotlight, promoting gut health. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that fuels the cells lining your intestines, fostering their well-being. The addition of L-Glutamine supports intestinal integrity, while minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium play pivotal roles in immune function and overall wellness.

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