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Sinulex - The product, and why it matters...


Sinulex Forte was born out of the realization that there were not enough high-quality, effective, and affordable plant-based solutions for the problem of colds and flu relief. "Flu" is just a short-form of "influenza."

As studies show the adaptation of influenza, airborne pathogens, and viruses are ongoing and that they often grow immune to the effects of antibiotics and inoculations, natural solutions have once again become an important focal point within the industry of modern medicine.



Repeatedly tried and tested plant-based medicines are developed from the fundamental understanding that plants defend themselves from diseases to survive.


Those unique disease-fighting properties in plants are also adapting with the environment and can be harnessed to improve overall health, resistance to disease, and longevity. It is this understanding and respect for natural order which inspired us to develop Sinulex into an incredible product our customers love.


How does it work?

Sinulex - Pharmacological action explained


  • Sinulex's comprehensive formula supports the body's ability to naturally deal with allergens, cold, flu, and sinusitis for healthier airways and mental clarity.

  • Sinulex is formulated using all-natural ingredients that provide relief from allergy-related conditions. It is especially supportive against airborne substances which may irritate your nose and throat. Sinulex helps to counter inflammation and congestion during sinusitis, colds, and flu. Sinulex has also shown to have significant anti-inflammatory, secretolytic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune modulation effects.

  • Sinulex contains three main natural ingredients but perhaps the most essential of them is the addition of 'Pelargonium Sidoides' (PS) root extract. PS is a clinically and pharmacologically well-documented plant-based medicine for upper respiratory tract infections. Unlike other sinusitis, cough, cold and flu remedies, the unique extract contained in the preparation Sinulex Forte Capsules not only relieve symptoms but also shortens the duration of the illness itself, thus making sure that you can get to work, or to school, or to the golf course, or to your weekly lunch.

  • It has a unique pharmacological profile which is ideal for treatment or respiratory tract infections. It activates anti-viral defense, fights bacteria, and is mucolytic. Horseradish has also shown a robust mucolytic action and, as we all know, Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system.


  • The University of Ghent, ENT Department, Ghent, Belgium in conducted a study of which the object was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the herbal drug preparation from the roots of Pelargonium Sidoides (PS) compared to placebo.

  • The subjects of the study were all individuals who had Sino nasal symptoms for at least 7 days and who had radiographically and clinically confirmed acute rhinosinusitis of presumable bacterial origin.

  • They received dosages of a preparation made from the roots of PS or received a matching placebo at a dose of 60 drops 3 times daily for a maximum of 22 days.

  • There was a significant decrease in the Sinusitis Severity Scores of 95% of the subjects of the study.

Additional Information

Sinulex - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Sinulex Forte, and for what is it used?


Sinulex Forte capsules contain Pelargonium Sidoides extract (PS), Horseradish extract and Vitamin C to help relieve colds, flu, postnasal drips, and sinusitis symptoms. The active ingredients have valuable anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that may help to reduce inflammation and fight infections, bacteria, and viruses that can infect the respiratory system and cause congestion.

Are there any warnings or side-effects?

Do not take Sinulex Forte if:

  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients

  • it is for a child younger than 6 years.

Consult your doctor on whether you can take Sinulex during pregnancy.

To date, no side effects have occurred that we are aware of for Sinulex Forte. If you have any adverse side effects after taking Sinulex Forte, stop using it immediately, and consult your doctor.

Do I need a prescription to buy Sinulex Forte?

  • No - Sinulex Forte is an all-natural product and can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

How many must I take?

Acute dosage:

Adults and children above 12 years:

  • Take 1 capsule 3 times daily

Children 6 - 12 years:

  • Take 1 capsule 2 times daily.

It is recommended to take this dosage consecutively for at least 5 days.

Chronic Dosage:

Adults and children above 12 years:

  • Take 1 capsule 2 times a day.

Children 6 - 12 years:

  • Take 1 capsule daily or as otherwise prescribed by your healthcare professional.

Do not exceed the recommended or prescribed daily dosage.


Where can I buy Sinulex Forte, and how much does it cost?

Sinulex Forte is available without a prescription from all leading pharmacies. Prices vary between retailers so please enquire at a retailer near you.




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